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History and description about these videos

The Veri Vinduro Club in Australia have kindly allowed me to document a number of their Vintage Enduro motorcycle events over a number of years now. First was Harrow 2014, an event held in the beautiful Western district town of Harrow in the State of Victoria. It was at this event I discovered the passion the riders have for their older machines and the fun the men and women have competing at these events. They don’t take themselves to seriously but revel in a friendly competitive spirit of fun and sometimes oneupmanship.

There was a break for a couple years but then in 2018 I covered the A4DE in Cessnock NSW documenting the Vintage riders part of the event. Then in the middle of the year I attended the Harrow 2018 10 Year Celebratory event, and what a fantastic 3 days was had by all. with a thunderous ride down the Main Street of Harrow as a way of celebrating the 10 years of the event.

Then came a one day event at Blackwood in Victoria. Again with the same culture of friendly competitive spirit and fun for all.

As it turns out I got a taste of what was to come with the 2019 A3VE event at the same location, Blackwood. This event was a winner with the riders and I was there to document it in all its glory. See the trailer at the bottom of the page.

Thank you and enjoy. Cliff Elliott

Vintage Enduro Promotion Video

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Harrow 2019

Verivinduro Inaugural A3VE Event 2019

Veri Club One Day Ride at Blackwood Vic 2018

Veri Club Harrow 2018 10 Year Reunion Ride

A4DE Cessnock NSW Australia (A Documentary of the Vintage Riders)

Veri Club Harrow 2014 Ride

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